Unique high energy femtosecond light sources and amplifiers

AmpLight KG was founded in late 2012 and is specialized in building customized femtosecond laser systems.

The combination of solid fiber technology together with a novel solid state regenerative amplifier design and high energy optical parametrical amplification output stages allows us to offer unique performance for any application or research acitvity.

Due to the strong research background, the AmpLight team has experience in the following areas:

regen small
Femtosecond Regenerative Amplifiers
  • 1030nm, sub 200 fs
  • 10mJ @ 1 kHz
  • direct diode pumped
opa small
  • up to 6um wavelength
  • up to 80mJ pulse energy
  • sub 100 fs pulsewidth
fiber small
Femtosecond Fiber Oscillators and Amplifiers
  • 1030nm, sub 200fs
  • Oscillator: nJ pulse energy @ ~50MHz
  • Amplifier: up to 2 uJ from single mode fiber

Contact us now to get more details: info@amplight.at