Regenerative Amplifier

Compact high energy regenerative amplifier delivering 200 fs pulses with pulse energies up to 10mJ.

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Booster Amplifier

High energy multipass booster amplifier, with output energies up to 110mJ with 100 Hz repetition rate.

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mid-IR OPA

1400 nm - 3900 nm

Wide tunable, withelight seeded, high energy femtosecond OPA delivering sub 100 fs pulses.

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30 mJ, 3900 nm

Opitcal parametric chirped pulse amplifier, that can be used as a booster for our mid-IR OPA.

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AmpLight KG was founded 2012 as a spin-off of the TU Wien with the goal to commercialize customized high energy femtosecond laser systems. With many years of research experience in the field of ultrafast lasers and mid-infrared optical parametric amplifiers, AmpLight KG is your partner for longwave driver solutions.