mid-IR Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplifier


  • > 25 mJ @ 3900 nm
  • > 60 mJ @ 1463 nm
  • customizable Layout


  • High harmonic generation
  • Sensing
  • Incoherent hard-x-ray generation in solid targets
  • Particle acceleration
  • THz Generation
  • Filamentation in ambient air


AmpLights KTA OPCPA is a hybrid optical chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA) system built as an extension of our KTA-OPA pumped by millijoule-level femtosecond pulses. The OPCPA is driven by a Joule-level picosecond laser operating at 20 Hz repetition rate and produces unprecedentedly high energy mid-IR pulses with peak powers approaching 0.5 TW level. The latter is possible because of recently demonstrated selfcompression in transparent dielectrics. Implementation of dispersion management based on phase conjugation between the signal and idler pulses, enables amplification of near-IR signal pulses till the last OPCPA stage. This makes our mid-IR OPCPA system rather robust and handy with respect to the alignment.

Technical specifications

Pump System: CYRA + Nd:YAG @ 20 Hz
Signal Idler
Wavelength 1463 nm 3900 nm
Energy > 60 mJ > 25 mJ
Pulse Duration < 100 ps < 100 fs / 30 fs
Dimensions (W × L × H) 60 × 220 × 30 cm3 (1 module)
60 × 120 × 30 cm3 (3 modules)


3900nm OPCPA system with Lightconversion Pharos as seed system and mid-IR OPA



Application Highlights:

Filamentation with and without optional nonlinear self-compression


Nonlinear self-compression in bulk material to 30 fs, 0.5 TW

nonlinear self compression